SPA in Abu Dhabi

Eye Enhancements Services

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart.

Why not frame them with our luxury lashes and eye enhancements services?

Delightful for a special occasion, easy on a holiday, or simply for those, who are tired of putting on mascara every day!

Emphasis is placed on designing the entire lash line taking into account the look the client would like together with the style of Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lift that would suit the eye shape and face of the client.

Service NameService Charges
Eyelash Extension500
Eyelash Extension Refill250 +
Eyebrows Tinting40
Eyebrows Bleaching45
Eyelash Tinting55
Eyelash Removal80
False Lashes Full150
False Lashes Refill50
HD Brows150
Eyelash Perming300

Above Prices are exclusive of 5% VAT