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Finding Hidden Gems: The Appeal of Choosing Small Salons for Your Beauty Needs

Recently I had a client express how she appreciates the spa like environment we have created here at the LT Style Loft in Ventura. This is by design. Why? Though we recognize the benefits to both the stylist and client that a busy salon can offer, we find that many people wish for a break from the hustle and bustle. Here are some reasons why some may want to consider a small spa like salon experience.

Sensory Overload

One of the primary reasons individuals might choose a small salon over a busy salon experience is sensory overload. The hum of blow-dryers, chatter of multiple conversations, music that is loud or not relaxing, and smells from the various hair treatments. This all can create an overwhelming environment. For some, this sensory barrage can lead to discomfort, stress, or even anxiety, making it challenging to relax and enjoy the experience.

Personal Attention

A small intimate salon experience with fewer clients allows for the stylist to focus on the individuals needs. This equals personalized attention and time dedicated to each client. Some individuals prefer a more intimate setting where their hairstylist can focus solely on their needs, concerns, and desired style without distractions or time constraints.

Wait Times

In small salons wait times typically are less, particularly if appointments run behind schedule. Waiting in a crowded space can be tedious and frustrating, especially for those seeking a quick and efficient salon visit. Time is valuable, and extended waits can diminish the overall experience.

Good Communication

Effective communication between a client and their hairstylist is crucial for a satisfactory outcome. In a small salon you are better able to communicate with your hairstylist. Without the added noise and constant activity which can challenge clear communication, those who visit a smaller salon often times find it easier to convey their preferences or concerns. This will minimize or eliminate misunderstandings that can lead to unsatisfactory results.

Less Stressful Environment

For those seeking a tranquil and soothing experience, a smaller salon may be able to cater to this need. After a busy work week, the hustle and commotion of a busy salon may detract from the relaxation that many associate with self-care appointments. This can hinder the enjoyment and leave individuals feeling drained rather than rejuvenated.

Preferences for Intimacy and Privacy

Some individuals prefer a more intimate and private setting when it comes to their hair care routine. A busy salon might lack the tranquility and privacy they desire, making the experience feel less personal and more like a crowded public space.

The Desire for a Personalized Experience

A personalized experience tailored to individual needs and preferences is highly valued. In a bustling salon, the focus may lean more towards efficiency and accommodating multiple clients. Smaller salons may provide a customized and client-centric approach.

Curls and Colors at the LT Style Loft.


To be fair, I have had many good experiences in busy hair salons. In fact, I began my career at a busy teaching salon in Long Beach CA. I also understand that many talented hairstylists are doing great work at busy salons. However, some have appreciated the experience of a more intimate setting. Here at the LT style Loft, a salon visit is more than just a haircut—it's an opportunity for relaxation, self-expression, and pampering. While some thrive in the vibrant energy of a bustling salon, others seek a quieter, more personalized atmosphere that allows for a serene and tailored experience. I typically book one client at a time. On occasion, while a client's hair is processing, I may fit in a second client for a service that does not distract from the environment. If you are a curly hair person looking for a relaxing and quiet experience, please contact me.

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