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Welcome to My Curly Hair Blog!

Hello and welcome to the world of a curly hair stylist! This blog has been created to help those who have curly hair care for their unique hair. There is a lot of information out there on how to care for your curls and I want to help you find your way. As a hair stylist for over 20 years, a curly girl, and mother of a curly girl I have come to appreciate how much having a hair care routine and good products can help your curls look and feel good. Though I use a variety of products I focus on organic and clean products.

Happy to be here at the LT style Loft Ventura!

I actively seek continuing education from accomplished hair stylists who have helped me refine my craft and better understand what your needs may be. I spent many years working at Toni Guy in Long Beach alongside many talented hairstylists and I've attended multiple training academies.

The Commitment

As a curly hairstylist there is a commitment from not only me but also from my clients. Each client is unique, and my goal is to help you completely understand that for your hair to look its best, we need to work as a team. I promise to be there for you the entire time offering the very best in service, tips, instructions, and access to quality products. My hope is that this blog provides you with the inspiration and tips you need to be successful reaching your hair goals.

Enjoy the Curl Journey

Having naturally curly hair is wonderful thing. You have a uniqueness and beauty that is all yours. I invite you to enjoy this website and explore the different topics I will cover in this blog. I hope that you enjoy your natural curl journey.

Contact me if you have any questions or need assistance because, it's all about the curls!


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